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A platform for research, create and propel formative and critical thought generation activities, artist exchanges and exhibitions about current local and global art narratives and issues.


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A B O U T   U S    |    “ We are what we behold. ” -  Marshall McLuhan 

  •  OUR PATHWAY | As a small and diverse team of curators and art activators, we began our activity in 2013 in Miami, FL, as Curatorial Labs. And have since curated, produced and presented in collaboration over 30 compelling exhibitions throughout the Americas from concept to installation, in museums, galleries, universities, art fairs, and biennials.  Working collaboratively with artists, and curators, contributed to the publishing of catalogs, artists’ exchanges, lectures, workshops, and pop-up art experiences with numerous local and global organizations, on contemporary art issues.  
  • OUR MISSION  | Our mission is to build links between creatives, thinkers, and visionaries from the diverse communities of  Philadelphia, across the  Americas and abroad, and as an art incubator and think tank, provide them with a continuously evolving range of platforms for exchange, research, coaching and enterprising, creative practices. Through curatorial balance and integrity across all disciplines.  
  • OUR COMMITMENT | The Contemporary Art Lab is a unique art incubator in Philadelphia, offering a multi-disciplinary coaching program for innovative artists, emerging curators overlooked talented artists and rising collectors to help bring their artworks and projects to life. We are focused on creative coaching centered on artistic and curatorial practices, criticism, and cross-cultural exchange by relating artists with local and global communities.     
  •  OUR VIBE | Contemporary Art Lab values the fantastic diversity of Philadelphia communities and its artists, and their cultural contribution in the social context of the city. As an inclusive forum for contemporary art and cultural exchange, we are committed to the strengthening of the current art environment in Philadelphia. Through continuous relations with the Americas, the Caribbean, and beyond, to create a focal point for global inquiry and awareness.  
Photo by Aaina Sharma on Unsplash (c)

T H E   L A B

  • Contemporary Art Lab is a non-profit organization now based in Philadelphia, PA, committed to supporting contemporary art and cultural practices across disciplines.   

  • Open to visual artists interested in multiple media. Also Writers ,performance artists, designers, photographers, filmmakers, and architects, curators, researchers, or inquiring students at all career stages.         

  •  Altogether, as a Philadelphia art incubator, you are welcome to join an inclusive, engaging, and reflective approach to contemporary artistic practices.                   

  •  The Willow Street Steam Generation Plant built in 1927 by the Philadelphia Electric Company.           Photo Louis Villor (c)


  • We present and incubate work by contemporary artists, community-oriented art organizations, and art institutions who reflect the diversity that surrounds us — targeted to an extensive local-global exchange in cross-cultural programming.  

  • An inclusive work lab that seeks to articulate a complete program of themed discussions, exchanges, work tables, coaching practices, and live stream dialogues, studio visits, focused exhibitions, and workshops with artists, curators, scholars, and critics.   Within a constant flow of information from the local artistic fabric in its connections to national and international creative communities. 

Reading Railroad built the 915 Spring Garden Building in 1909. Photo Louis Villor (c)


  • Possible through comprehensive apprenticeship, exhibitions, and curatorial projects. The Contemporary Art Lab programs are expected to reach thousands of people each year, as a platform for research and circulation of contemporary artistic practices. 

  • Philadelphia embraces the creative components to become a vital global contemporary art hub. It’s the right time on the expanding global cultural role of Philadelphia. We are committed to being active proponents of this vibrant experience.                                                          Photo: Sjors Lodewijk (c)


DEMYSTIFYING ART | Lecture Series     
>UM HUM...IS EVERYONE A CURATOR?  | Reaching far beyond the limits.                                    
>KEY ISSUES FACING CONTEMPORARY ART IN PHILADELPHIA | What does “any good” mean right now?   
>ANATOMY OF AN ART EXHIBITION | Art Exhibitions from Start to Finish [Essentials for artists]  
>HOW DO YOU BUILD A SUSTAINABLE CAREER?  | The Business of being an artist.| Case Studies Examined.                                                        
> MAPS ON THE WALL | A selection of 21st-century  artists with roots in crossed culture cities in America. Part of the Crossed Boundaries art exchange program.                               


  • The Contemporary Art Lab is a non-profit foundation that carries out its programs, projects, art, and educational initiatives thanks to the generous support of our funders, supporters, volunteers, and friends.
  • By supporting the Contemporary Art Lab means participating actively in the development of artistic practices, networking local culture on a global scope, and the cultural enrichment of the vital communities in Philadelphia and beyond. Your donation equally contributes to the development of innovative artistic space, committed to contemporary art and cultural practices across disciplines.

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